Taxing big business to fix the housing crisis

Contributing editor of The Politics and The Monthly online Rachel Withers, on an idea to fix the housing crisis that’s gaining traction and why it could break through the paralysis in Canberra.

Union Pushes For Big Business Tax To Fix Housing Crisis

CFMEU, the nation’s construction union, has proposed a 40% tax on big businesses, saying it could fund a solution to the housing crisis. CFMEU National Secretary Zach Smith explains the proposal.

CFMEU National Secretary sheds light on government’s $511 billion crisis

CFMEU National Secretary Zach Smith says commissioned research shows the current shortfall in affordable housing is 750,000 homes.

As big businesses make massive profits, there is a push for a super tax of 40%

To help fix the housing crisis. The construction union proposal is likely to stir up trouble in Labor’s ranks.

CFMEU has called on the Federal Government to target big business

To fix the housing crisis. The union wants a super profits tax imposed on companies making more than $100 million a year to fund the building of new homes

The boss of Australia’s construction union is calling for a new MEGA profit tax to build a million new homes.

Calls for MEGA profits tax to fund affordable housing

The CFMEU is proposing a mega profits tax on the largest companies in the country to fund the construction of affordable and social housing.

‘Time to be brave’: CFMEU calls for MEGA profits tax to fund housing

The top construction union boss says more than half a trillion dollars is needed to meet Australia’s demand for social and affordable housing, and the only way to raise the funds is to introduce what he calls a “circuit-breaker” tax on mega profits. 

Should Australia introduce a broad “mega-profits tax” to support public and affordable housing?

Speaking to Nadia Mitsopolous on ABC Radio Perth Smith said that only the very highest performing businesses will be impacted. 

Construction union wants mega profits tax to boost housing funds

Australia is in the grips of a housing crisis, so is the answer a tax on corporate mega-profits?