CFMEU pushes for mining mega profits tax as housing fix

At the National Press Club in Canberra, CFMEU secretary Zach Smith said more than $500 billion in social and affordable housing construction could be funded by taxing mining giants

CFMEU calls for ‘circuit breaker’ mega profits tax to fix housing crisis

Australia’s building and construction union is calling on the federal government to introduce a new tax on exorbitant company profits in order to address the housing crisis.

Immigration resting on a housing fix, says CFMEU boss Zach Smith

“If we do not build the homes to keep up with our growing population then the social licence for immigration will collapse and it will collapse fast,” he said.

The CFMEU can see the housing crisis requires bold tax reform. Why can’t the Labor government?

“The wealth exists,” Smith said. “But it doesn’t exist in ordinary Australian households. It exists in the profit columns of a very small and very elite group of corporations. And we just have to funnel just a portion of it in the right direction.”

CFMEU builds up plan for mega profits tax to fund housing

The $511 billion raised would be spent on a massive construction drive to build the 946,900 social and affordable homes estimated to be needed over the next two decades

Corporate giants targeted in new plan to rake in billions worth of tax to boost housing stock

An influx of migrants to Australia will put pressure on an already squeezed housing market. One union boss has a bold idea to fix the problem.

CFMEU pushes ahead with mega profits call despite government rebuff

In an impassioned speech, Mr Smith told the National Press Club that the scale of the nation’s housing crisis “demands bold solutions”

Construction union secretary Zach Smith launches campaign for tax on mega profits

“A mega profits tax is the fairest way to raise the billions of dollars needed to guarantee every Australian has the basic right of shelter”

CFMEU calls for Labor to introduce a tax on big business to pay for social and affordable housing

‘The money exists, the wealth exists, but it doesn’t exist in ordinary Australian households,’ Zach Smith told Canberra on Tuesday. 

Labor set for conference housing stoush as big union demands mega profits tax

A fight over the housing crisis is brewing ahead of Labor’s national conference as a powerful union throws its weight behind a super profits tax to pay for new homes.